аттестат аккредитации 001Passing the accreditation procedure and confirmation of competence is one of the most important, legally established requirements for testing laboratories (centers) under current conditions.

Rosaccreditation commission worked in the period from 10 to 11 October this year. Based on the results of the work of the commission, the scope of accreditation in the National accreditation system for 6 test methods was expanded that significantly increases the range of defined indicators of oil, petroleum products and liquefied hydrocarbon gases.

The Test center has realized the opportunity to test liquefied hydrocarbon gases in terms of:

— маss fraction of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan sulfur,

— маss fraction of sulfur-containing components,

— density,

— gauge pressure of saturated vapors,

— volume fraction of liquid residue at 200 Сo.

Besides, the Test center expanded the list of studies relative to the determination of mass fractions of hydrogen sulfide, methyl- and ethyl mercaptans in such objects as oil, gas condensates, light hydrocarbon fractions, natural and petroleum gases.

The commission highly appreciated the functioning of the quality management system (QMS) in the laboratory, which demonstrates the ability of the test center to issue quality test results to customers.