Research institute VNIIUS was founded in 1965 as a head All-Union research institute in the field of technologies of production and processing of light hydrocarbon feed.

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We propose:

  • Analysis of oil and gas feedstock, oil and gas sampling according to GOST and ASTM (own certified laboratory).
  • Development and supply of regulations on design of plants for oil and gas preparation, and gas, oil, petroleum products and waste waters desulfurization.
  • Author supervision during design of plants on the basis of our regulations.
  • Participation in start-up and adjustment works as technology designers.
  • Development of regulations on reconstruction and modification of existing plants (maintenance services).
  • Scientific and technical consultations.

Example of implementation:

Implementation of a technology of crude oil demercaptanization on Kazakhstan-American plant Tengizchevroil OОО (TCO) in Kazakhstan.

During 1995 – 1996, JS “VNIIUS” specialists in cooperation with Chevron specialists carried out pilot tests of a technology of crude oil demercaptanization, developed basic data for designing a commercial plant, performed engineering and construction of apparatus, mounting and start-up of 2 plants of 4 MM t/yr capacity each.

From that time, according to contract with TCO, VNIIUS specialists performed constant designer supervision over two oil demercaptanization plants and in 2002 increased the capacity of the plants to 12 MM t/yr at a high quality of the treated product.

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