ВНИИУСVNIIUS is one of the leading research institutes in Russia in the field of production and consumption of hydrocarbon feed. Our 50-years’ experience of practical work allows to render assistance to oil and gas producing companies, to oil and gas processing companies and also to companies of deep oil processing.

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We propose:

    • Analysis of oil and gas feedstock, oil and gas sampling according to GOST and ASTM (own certified laboratory)
    • Development and supply of regulations on design of plants for oil and gas preparation, gas desulfurization, oil and petroleum products treatment for hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans
    • Author supervision during design of plants on the basis of our regulations
    • Participation in start-up and adjustment works as technology designers
    • Development of regulations on reconstruction and modification of existing plants (Maintenance Services)
    • Scientific and technical consultations

Example of implementation:

Implementation of a technology of crude oil demercaptanization on Kazakhstsn-American plant OОО «Tengizchevroil»(TCO) in Kazakhstan.

During one year from December 1994 to January 1995 OJS «VNIIUS» specialists in cooperation with Chevron specialists carried out pilot tests of a technology of crude oil demercaptanization, performed development of basic design for designing a commercial plant, engineering and construction of apparatus, mounting and start-up of the plant of 4 MM t/yr capacity.

Since that time, according to contract with TCO, OJS «VNIIUS» specialists performed constant designer supervision over two oil demercaptanization plants and in 2002 increased the plants capacity to 13 MM t/yr at a high quality of the treated product.

All products have status of state standard reference samples. The samples are being awarded a bronze medal of VDNH and honorary certificates of several international exhibitions. Annually, since 1980, OJS «VNIIUS» provides more than 100 Russian and foreign enterprises with standard reference samples.

In 2000, Testing Center for fuels, oils and gases accredited by Gosstandart of the RF was organized in the institute.

OJS «VNIIUS» is an award winner «100 best products of the Tatarstan Republic» and «100 best products of Russia» in 2008-2009 in nomination «PRODUCTS OF PRODUCTION AND TECHNICAL PURPOSE» — «Desulfurization IVKAZ catalyst» and «SERVICES» — «Development of technology for gas, oil and petroleum products desulfurization».

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