Trends of activity:

  1. Development of new and improvement of existing processes of desulfurization of oil, gas, petroleum products and waste waters.
  2. Manufacture and supply of catalysts for hydrocarbon feed desulfurization.
  3. Development of new and improvement of existing technologies of oil field preparation, oil stabilization (UKPN), gas fractionation and hydrocarbon feed drying.
  4. Development and implementation of gas chromatographic methods of measurement of hydrocarbon, sulfur and other compounds concentrations in hydrocarbon flows, air environment and industrial emissions.
  5. Development and preparation of certified gas mixtures for analyzers.
  6. Development of quality certificates for gases, petroleum, motor fuels, oils, lubricants, bitumens and bitumen emulsions.
  7. Development of normative documentation for oil- and gas processing products (TU, GOSTs).
  8. Working out of norms of process losses of oil and oil products in production and norms of fuel and other utility consumption for field, gas- and oil processing enterprises.
  9. Development of technological regulations on manufacture of products of field enterprises and gas- and oil processing plants.
  10. Development of balances of hydrocarbon feed production and consumption and feasibility study of feedstock base of petrochemical enterprises.