History of the institute

The Institute was established in 1965 by the order No.74 of the State Committee of refinery industry at State Planning Committee of the USSR as a chief research organization of the country in the field of light hydrocarbon feed production and consumption.

The first-in-the-world efficient DMC-1 process and IVKAZ catalyst for oil and gas condensate treating for hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans were developed. The process was selected by American Chevron Company on a tender basis to be implemented on Tengizchevroil TOO. In 1995-1996, two DMC-1 plants with a capacity of 4 MM t/yr of oil each were successfully put into operation, and by 2002 their capacity reached 12 MM t/yr.

On the basis of operation experience of DMC-1 plant the institute developed DMC-1MA process for treating Tatarstan heavy oils and oils of Volga-Urals region for hydrogen sulfide and C1-C2 mercaptans, the content of which is limited by a new GOST for oil.

Currently the institute works on implementation of these technologies on all oil fields of TATNEFT PJS. In 2009, “Kharg petrochemical company”, Iran, implemented a plant for propane, butane and straight-run gasoline treatment.

In Kazan, on the basis of TASMA plant in IVKAZ JS company production and selling of IVKAZ catalyst is organized. Reference list of implemented processes of hydrocarbon feed desulfurization includes more than 40 items.

On request of TATNEFT PJS annual studies of composition and properties of high-sulfur carbonian oils and their fractions are carried out. Results of these studies are used for development of technical and economic substantiation of refinery construction in Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJC and Tatneft PJS (Kichui NPZ) of 400 000 t/yr capacity. On the recommendation of VNIIUS JS  the capacity of Kichui NPZ was increased to 400 000 t/yr.

VNIIUS JS was the first institute in the RF to produce super pure C1-C8 hydrocarbons and certified gas mixtures of wide concentration and substances range.

All products have a status of state standard reference samples. The samples were awarded a bronze medal of VDNH and honorary certificates of several international exhibitions. Annually, since 1980, VNIIUS JS provides more than 100 Russian and foreign enterprises with standard reference samples.

In 2000, Testing Center for fuels, oils and gases accredited by Gosstandart of the RF was organized in the institute.

VNIIUS JS is a laureate of «100 best products of the Tatarstan Republic» and «100 best products of Russia» competition on the basis of the results of 2008-2009 in the nomination «PRODUCTS OF PRODUCTION AND TECHNICAL PURPOSE» — «Desulfurization IVKAZ catalyst» and «SERVICES» — «Development of technology for gas, oil and petroleum products desulfurization».