Development of Process Procedure

One of the main trends of scientific activity of JS “VNIIUS” is the development of process procedures (basic data) for designing plants for oil and gas preparation, gas desulfurization, oil and petroleum product treatment for hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans and liquefied hydrocarbon gases.

Process procedure, basic data or basic engineering design is an official document which is a basis for designing plants by engineering companies.

Process procedure may be shortened or extended according to Customer’s requirement. The cost of process procedure depends on its volume and is approximately 0.8÷2.2 MM roubles. Time of process procedure development is 1.5÷2.5 months.


Standard composition of process procedure.

  1. Introduction
  2. General information about technology
  3. Engineering level, patentability and patent purity of the process
  4. Technical characteristic of feedstock, products, main and auxiliary materials
  5. Technical characteristic of wastes and effluents
  6. Process technology
  7. Process conditions
  8. Consumption norms of main and auxiliary materials
  9. Material and thermal balance of the process
  10. Physical and chemical principles of the process
  11. Calculation of major process vessels
  12. Physical and chemical properties of substances and mixtures
  13. Recommendations on construction and metallurgy of major process vessels
  14. Process control and monitoring

14.1 Analytic control of technologic process and environmental hazard factors and

14.2 Automated control of process parameters

  1. Safety engineering, industrial sanitation and fire prevention
  2. Environment protection
  3. Main recommendations on startup and shutdown of the plant
  4. Information sources recommended for design