Desulfurization IVKAZ catalyst

Desulfurization IVKAZ catalyst is a highly efficient modified Russian analogue of phthalocyanine catalysts of Merox WS, ARI 100-EXL types.

IVKAZ catalyst is intended for:

  • Alkaline treatment of oil and gas condensates for hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans;
  • Alkaline treatment of liquefied hydrocarbon gases for hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans;;
  • Treatment of straight-run gasoline fraction ( 62─180о С) or catalytic cracking gasoline with high mercaptan sulfur content for hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans;
  • Treatment of gas condensates and light hydrocarbon fractions for hydrogen sulfide and low-molecular weight mercaptans;
  • Treatment of pentane-hexane fraction for mercaptans;
  • Treatment of sulfur-alkaline waste waters and water process condensates for sulfur compounds;
  • Ammonia-catalytic treatment of heavy oils for hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans.

Currently IVKAZ catalyst is used on more than 40 commercial plants built on the basis of VNIIUS technologies in the RF and abroad: Iran, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands. Since 1994,  IVKAZ catalyst is being supplied to oil demercaptanization plant of 26 MM t/yr of oil capacity built on the basis of VNIIUS technology  on “Tengizchevroil” gas refinery in Kazakhstan.

Since 2010, IVKAZ catalyst is being successfully used on desulfurization plants of liquefied hydrocarbon gases of Merox type at «Теngizchevroil» gas processing plant and on «Моzyr NPZ» of Belorus Republic.

Why VNIIUS refused to use heterogeneous catalysts of КС and КСМ types?

Implementation of IVKAZ catalyst instead of similar phthalocyanine catalysts is supported by our company with analytical control performed by scientific personnel of OJS “VNIIUS” and specialists of a certified laboratory of OJS “VNIIUS” with subsequent providing of recommendations on the process management and IVKAZ catalyst use..