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The institute, as a Technical committee ТК52/ПК2 «Liquefied hydrocarbon gases» develops a set of normative documentation on manufactured products: hydrocarbon liquefied gases and inert gases, С2 – С6 light hydrocarbon feed, oil, petroleum products, petrochemical products, disposal products of desulfurization plants (sulfur, sulfuric acid, dialkyl sulfides) and other products.


  • Development of company standards (STO) and specifications;
  • Development and registration (or re-registration) of safety data sheets on products manufactured according to GOST, GOST Р, STO or TU;
  • Development of information cards on hazard chemical products put into circulation on the territory of the RF.


Standardization laboratory. Issuance of Normative documentation.
Makhimur Makhmutovna Latypova
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